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LED Multi Line Displays & Screens

Communicate even more information

If you want to get lots of information across to large audiences quickly, a Multi-Line LED screen could be a great solution for your organisation. Our Multi-line electronic signs are designed to be installed in environments where information needs to be conveyed to a large audience quickly.

This makes our LED screens ideal for applications in venues such as cinemas, conference centres, airport arrivals and departures, education and many more.

What you can do with a Multiline LED electronic sign board:

  • Have up to 100 lines of text
  • Make an impact by increasing your text size
  • Combine standard height text with double height text
  • You can have any number of characters in a line of text. Standard characters per line are 16 - 24 - 32 – 40
  • Make your message stand out by having bold characters
  • The signs can also display European characters and graphic symbols
  • Vary the scrolling speed and direction to keep your messages fresh and interesting
  • Choose from red, green, yellow, blue and white characters, a three-colour combination, or full colour
  • Store 10,000 - 150,000 characters in the memory, which has a six-month backup so you don’t have to worry if you have a power failure

LED screens can be programmed and updated quickly.  The standard software we create for updating displays is very user-friendly and intuitive. But if you have more complex display requirements, we can build a bespoke solution for updating your new multi-line display.

There are other methods of communicating with the electronic sign that can be used such as TCP/IP networking, radio or telephone modems, Newswire services and SMS. For a specific enquiry or more technical information please contact us.

Our LED screens are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor cases comply with IP65 and for window installations Ultrabright LEDs are used to combat the sun's glare.

We have a vast range of LED screens and displays to suit your requirements. Whatever your electronic sign needs, give us a call and we will undoubtedly be able to offer you the perfect solution.

Here are some examples of our displays in action -


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