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Bi-Line LED Signs & Message Boards

Gain interest, make an impact

The advantage of using a Bi-Line LED message sign is that it gives you flexibility. You can display LED text over 2 lines, meaning you can convey more information to your customers or staff.

You can even make one line of text much larger, so your messages will have a bit more punch.

What you can do with a Bi-Line LED programmable sign:

  • Make more of an impact by increasing your text size
  • Combine standard height text with double height text
  • Have any number of characters in a line of text - standard characters per line are 16 - 24 - 32 - 40
  • Make your message stand out with bold characters
  • Display European characters and graphic symbols
  • Vary the scrolling speed and direction to keep your messages fresh
  • Choose from red, green, yellow, blue and white characters, a three-colour combination or full colour
  • Store 10,000 - 150,000 characters in the memory
  • Includes a six-month backup so you don’t have to worry if you have a power failure

The Bi-Line LED message sign and LED display can be easily programmed and updated. The display can be updated via PC with our standard, user friendly software. But if your requirements are more complex we can build a bespoke software package for you to use. There are other methods of communicating with the display and for more specific information, feel free to contact us.

We also have ready-made LED displays for sale and for hire. So if you do not need a custom solution for your workplace, office, factory or exhibition stand then we can provide a cost effective alternative.

We have a vast range of programmable LED displays. Whatever your needs, give us a call and we will undoubtedly be able to offer you the perfect solution.

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