Street Lights Key To ‘Cities Of The Future’, Say Experts


Many cities and towns are making the change to outdoor LED lighting, but according to experts, street lights could soon be for much more than just illuminating our environments. The future for those living in cities could definitely be a smarter one, with lots of new projects set to make your daily commutes in and around the city run as smooth as possible according to this article by the Daily Mail.

With new technology (which they like to call the ‘Internet of Things’) in sync with your mobile devices, tablets and laptops you could be pre-warned of potential hazards and congestion when traveling. Experts predict that your smart phone will be able to adjust your morning alarm by either allowing you a few more minutes or waking you up slightly earlier based on what’s happening out on the streets that morning - assessing congestion times that may affect you, or if there’s a big event taking place that could mean extra commuters out on the streets potentially slowing down your journey.

If the roads (or your public transport of choice) are all running smoothly then your device will re-evaluate your alarm based on how long it takes you from waking up to being ready to leave the house and offer extra time in bed. Your device will also know the time you went to sleep the evening before and calculate if you went to bed later than usual that you may be slightly slower in your morning routine and end up being late, making sure to wake you a touch earlier.

Once you’ve left the house and on route to your destination your usual route may be slightly altered if the streets you usually take are slightly more congested than usual. Experts say you could also see Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable bus stops where passengers can check in which send an alert to the bus drivers letting him know how many people are expected to be boarding the bus, and can then adjust his speed on the road to make sure he doesn’t lose time and can expect a need for a few minutes spare to allow all passengers to board.

You’ll also see most passengers have bus tickets on their devices which can be quickly scanned and allow fast boarding with the need to exchange cash and give change taking up extra time.

There’s also nothing worse than realising at the start of the day you phone battery is limited, but fear not you’ll be able to connect to the USB charging systems provided for each passenger at their seat, although with on board Wi-Fi giving you the chance to catch up on any important emails.

Smart LED street lights are another smart addition predicted to make their way onto our streets, with the capability to predict the amount of people on the pavement, cars on the road and monitor speeding. You’ll also have the chance to opt for less polluted routes when walking on foot or riding your bike which is great for your health, especially if you suffer from any conditions such as asthma.

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